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If you are trying to sell your home For Sale By Owner, the best approach is to list as a Flat Fee MLS with Syndication.  Many people who are selling FSBO neither know about Flat Fee MLS, nor syndicate their home to the hundreds of other Real Estate websites that can push the advertising of their home to literally millions of viewers looking to buy their next home.


Selling your home For Sale By Owner (FSBO) means you are doing the work of advertising and maybe adding your home's details to sites like Craigslist or Zillow, and maybe even spending some extra money for a newspaper ad.  But realistically, all home owners know that they need the advertising power of the Multiple Listing Service or MLS.  Unfortunately, the only way to add your home to your local MLS is to contact a Real Estate Broker.  However, by using FlatFeeTopia.com (a Flat Fee MLS service) we put the power of the MLS in your hands for much less than everyone else.


We recognize that there are other internet-based Flat Fee services.  However, if you choose to list your home as a FSBO and opt to purchase a Flat Fee service, most of those internet companies only provide you with the basic MLS listing and neglect to put your home on the many other vital Real Estate websites such as Trulia, ZIllow, Yahoo Real Estate, Google Base, and many more.


If you really desire to advertise your home to the most potential home buyers, then you may want to consider what is termed Syndicating your home's MLS information.  FlatFeeTopia.com offers, as an optional upgrade, a Flat Fee syndication service where we put your home's information on 40 to 50 most popular Real Estate websites, such as the one's mentioned above.


Listing FSBO alone will not inform other Real Estate Brokers that your home is for sale, and listing Flat Fee MLS will not syndicate your home to many very important Real Estate websites.  FlatFeeTopia.com desires to push your home as much as possible in order for you to find a buyer, quickly.  We do offer a basic package of Flat Fee MLS, but can you afford your home NOT to be on Trulia (the fastest growing and number 2 most trafficked Real Estate website in the country), Zillow, Yahoo Real Estate, and many other uber populuar Real Estate websites?  We think not.  Contact FlatFeeTopia.com today to learn more about the best method of advertising your home.

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When you decide to sell your home, you do not want to lose your home equity.  After you have spent years paying off your mortgage, why give your hard earned money to a Full Service MLS Real Estate Listing Broker?  When you list Full Service, you will pay between 6 and 7 percent Broker commission.


If your home sold for $200,000 you would pay $12,000 to a Full Service Broker, to be split between that agency and the buyer's Real Estate Broker.  However, when you choose to list Flat Fee MLS, you only pay as low as $299 to list your home on the Multiple Listing Service (cost is dependent upon location).  If a buyer has their own Broker, then you still pay 3%, even then, that is a savings of over $5,000.  If your buyer does not have a Broker, then you pay no commission, and save everything, minus your original $299 investment.


It is simple math.  If you list Flat Fee MLS, how much equity could you save?

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If you ask FlatFeeTopia.com to refer you to a Real Estate Broker of your choice, in nearly any city of the United States, you as a home-buyer would receive a buyer rebate of 15% of the listing Broker's commission.


You wouldn't pay more for your new home, but you would allow us to put money back into your pocket.  For example, if you purchase a home for $250,000 the listing Broker would typically earn 3% commission.  If FlatFeeTopia.com referred you to that Broker, you as a home-buyer would receive $1,125.00 back into your pocket.  That is money that you would have normally given to a licensed Real Estate Broker.


Read more about how you can save with a Buyer Rebate.

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Oftentimes, people who are selling their homes are also looking to purchase a home. If you are a home owner and you are wanting to sell your home and also locate a new home, we recommend that you find a Flat Fee MLS Broker to list your home within your local MLS, while also giving you a Buyer Rebate to help you save with the purchasing of your new home.

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Many FSBO or For Sale By Owner home-sellers feel as if the Realtors within their area are deliberately ignoring their homes.  This simply is not the norm of Realtors.


The issue is not that Realtors are ignoring or avoiding your home.  Rather, it is because as a FSBO, your home is not listed within your local Multiple Listing Service or MLS.  As such, Realtors are not aware that your home is for sale, unless of course they are driving by your home and see a sign in your yard (note: most Realtors, even recognizing such a sign, probably would not attempt to call you).


Some strategies for contacting Realtors about your home is either to list your home as a Flat Fee MLS Listing (which keeps you in control as a For Sale By Owner, and allows you to save money usually spent on a listing Broker), or send out emails to local Realtors and/or Brokers to inform them about your FSBO home.  Another suggestion may be to also offer a bonus to the Realtor who brings you a buyer.


If you would like to learn more about this subject, either contact us at 1-877-FLAT-LIST or visit an ongoing discussion regarding the question of 'Are Realtors gnoring your FSBO'.


If you have questions regarding FSBO or Flat Fee MLS, read through our Flat Fee MLS FAQ.

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If you are selling your home Flat Fee MLS, and another Real Estate Broker brings you a buyer, you are required to pay that Broker a Real Estate commission.  Since many homes are sold within this scenario, you (the seller) have to predetermine how much you are willing to offer as a Real Estate commission percentage.


There are many factors you should know concerning this.  First, all commissions are negotiable.  There are no rules governing how much you have to pay as a commission.  Typically, a buyer's Agent will ask for 2.5% to 3% commission.  If by some circumstance, you are having difficulty marketing your home (beyond the MLS), it sometimes helps if you advertise that you are offering a bonus (be specific about the amount) to the Agent who brings you a buyer. 


Whatever you decide to pay, be certain that you have everything in writing first.  If you are not certain if selling Flat Fee MLS is right for you, or if you have questions regarding the basic details, read through our Flat Fee MLS - For Sale By Owner FAQ.

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Short news episode from '60 Minutes' describing a Flat Fee MLS Listing venture verses listing with a Full Service Real Estate Broker. Why spend thousands of dollars while you can list your home for just a few hundred?

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As the mortgage values of homes across the country keep dropping, many people who are opting to sell their home are looking to do so without a Realtor. People are simply looking to save as much money as possible, and if they have to sell during this current Real Estate market, why not do it For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and save thousands.


According to an article within the U.S. News, "[...] sellers who aren't affiliated with an agent clearly represent a significant chunk of the overall market today. [and ...] while the potential savings are large, so is the task of selling one's home itoday's downtrodden market. "It's much more complicated than just putting an ad in the paper and showing your house and having someone buy it," says Judy Moore of Re/Max Landmark Realtors in Lexington, Mass. "The value that a Realtor brings to the transaction is that they are able to provide services on so many different levels—things that sellers can't even anticipate in many cases—because they have that kind of professional experience."


"To be sure, there is nothing a real estate agent does—setting the asking price, marketing the home, arranging open houses, enlisting a real estate attorney to handle legal documents, negotiating with buyers, and so on—that self-starting home sellers couldn't do for themselves. But since the process is filled with time-consuming and tedious hassles, independent home sellers have to earn every penny they save by cutting out agents."


Sources: U.S. News.com May 2008.

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When is the best and worst time to sell your house Flat Fee MLS?


It is common knowledge that the spring and summer months are the best months to sell because of the warmer climate and longer days.  However, a home can sell anytime, even in the thickest of winter, as it depends on the listing price and motivation of the right buyer.


If you are thinking of listing your home as a Flat Fee MLS listing or as a For Sale By Owner, you may have an advantage over the typical full service MLS listings, because the majority of Realtors will advise not to list until mid-January or February (after the holidays). In this way, your home would be a new listing when there are not alot of new listings showing up within your local MLS.


If you are serious about selling your home and you have made it show-ready, then you may want to consider marketing it now as a Flat Fee MLS listing.


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There are many levels of "home staging." You don't need to spend thousands to stage a home. One of the key methods for preparing your house for showings is to make it appear inviting to others. Stage the contents of the home in such a way that others can imagine themselves living there.

Remember that an empty-looking house may negatively affect your offers, and that a messy, cluttered house will turn people away and not be very inviting. Some simple 1-2-3 rules for staging are:

1.  De-clutter and clean everything.

2.  Paint with neutral colors.

3.  Spice-up the outside for great first-impressions.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, remember to not leave any projects undone. If you are hiring someone to come in and prepare your home for you, be certain to research who you hire. If you have completed your home staging and are ready to list your home Flat Fee MLS, read through our FAQ section or give us a call at 1-877-FLAT-LIST.

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Listing Flat Fee MLS is like selling your home entrepreneur-style. If you feel that you can take phone calls from potential buyers, schedule your open houses, and contact your local title company, you may have what it takes to sell your home Flat Fee.

Once your home is listed in your local MLS, your home's information will be picked up and syndicated to many other publicly accessed Real Estate websites such as Realtor.com. If a Realtor brings you a buyer, then you will be obligated to pay the commission percentage that you are offering. This is always decided before the property is entered into the MLS, and it is usually between 2 1/2 - 3 1/2%.

However, if you are also marketing your home in areas such as Craigslist or local newspapers, and a potential buyer contacts you direct, you would pay NO Realtor commission. Just remember that selling Flat Fee MLS and selling FSBO are two entirely different strategies with major marketing differences. FSBO can and does work, but with Flat Fee MLS, you gain incredible marketing power through both the MLS and your listing Broker's work.

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FSBO is For Sale By Owner and literally means that you as a home-seller, are selling your home without a Real Estate Agent. They market their home this way to avoid the 6-7% commission.


In fact, there are many FSBO websites that home-sellers attempt to use to market their homes, but realistically, none are as effective as the Multiple Listing Service or MLS. Because 80-90% of homes purchased today are found by Realtors scouring those listings for their potential buyers, the MLS is the gateway to selling a home. Not adding a home to the local MLS, is like not revealing that home's availability to hundreds and maybe thousands of Realtors.


The only way to take advantage of the marketing power of the MLS, as well as to keep the individuality of a FSBO, is to list as a Flat Fee MLS.


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